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    Our Mission

    To relentlessly deliver solutions that help our clients succeed

    IPAK manufactures, warehouses, kits, and distributes marketing and educational products in highly regulated industries. Coupled with value-added 3PL services, IPAK’s integrated approach facilitates innovation, lowers the total cost of ownership, and increases speed to market.


    Our Value

    IPAK works closely with its clients to achieve their key business objectives by gathering requirements, iterating frequently and evaluating results. By going beyond the basics of regulatory compliance and meeting customer specifications at a competitive price, IPAK helps marketing, operations, and procurement teams achieve measurable business impacts, reduce risk and ensure quality.

    Core Beliefs

    High Standards

    Quality is embedded as an enterprise-wide business process. High stakes projects that dictate zero margin of error are always executed flawlessly

    Continual Improvement

    Constant evaluation and iteration leads to successful outcomes

    Diversity of Thought

    We harness the power of diverse points of view to provide creative solutions

    Collaboration Leads to Innovation

    Using a design-build model with purposeful collaboration, we deliver innovation and value

    Company History

    1. Began operations as a manufacturer of non-book products for publishers

    2. Entered the flooring/wall covering industry

    3. Developed a standard to transition from plastic to eco friendly board based teaching manipulatives

    4. Added in house multimedia duplication services

    5. Developed a cost effective alternative to bubble mailers to protect answer sheets in transit

    6. Developed proprietary pick and pack software, I-Pik, to scan and verify components

    7. Changed company name from Interactive Printing and Packaging to IPAK

    8. Developed award winning patient and HCP educational kits as an alternative to promotional products for the pharmaceutical industry

    9. Celebrated the manufacturing of over 50 million educational products and the distribution to over 25 states

    10. Six Sigma certified

    11. Expanded offerings to include technology in print

    12. Expanded internationally by partnering with the innovation division of the largest global provider of customized hard goods

    13. FDA registered and cGMP compliant

    14. Received supplier of the year award from CTB McGraw-Hill

    15. Added print on demand technologies

    16. ISO trained

    17. Moved operations to 2 facilities in Camden, NJ totaling over 100,000 sq ft and became HUBZone certified

    18. Enhanced our proprietary pick and pack software to include inventory management and real time tracking

    19. Became a Tier 1 supplier to one of the largest global assessment providers

    20. Procured, manufactured, kitted and distributed millions of safety kits in response to the COVID-19

    21. Awarded ‘Made in New Jersey’ Manufacturer of the Year by NJMEP

    Why IPAK Is Different

    “When there is a high-stakes project that dictates zero margin of error, IPAK is the company to turn to.”

    – COO medical device company

    IPAK differentiates itself in its ability to operationalize a customer centric approach. Helping our clients achieve key business objectives is how we define success. We are a flexible and highly responsive supplier that can handle complex and multifaceted projects, meet timelines for deliverables, plan ahead to anticipate needs, all while maintaining the highest level of security at the lowest cost of ownership. For 30 years, a veritable who’s who of fortune 1000 and non-profits have partnered with us.

    Our offerings include: 

    • Packaging, Kitting and Assembly
      Relabeling, repackaging, bundling, case packing
    • Structural Design and Manufacturing
      Displays, signage, protective custom and promotional packaging, 3 dimensional direct mail
    • Storefronts, Printing and Mailing
      Web-to print, variable data, promotional and matched mailings
    • Customized Value-Added 3PL Services
      Secure warehousing, inventory and records management, on-demand pick and pack, inbound and outbound distribution, secure destruction, product procurement