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    IPAK’s Rapid Scalability Leads to Test Continuity for Global Assessment Provider

    Achievement tests are used to evaluate a student’s understanding, comprehension, knowledge and/or capability in a particular area. In the United States, students between pre-K and grade 12 take an average of 112 standardized tests. The industry is characterized by high barriers to entry, including significant capital requirements and the need for a skilled employee base.

    An assessment provider who previously insourced printing, inventory management and fulfillment, decreased its operational footprint and therefore needed a strategic partner who could truly serve as an extension of their in-house team. Given the highly sensitive product, adherence to strict security, product handling, and privacy protocols were paramount. IPAK provided  a combination of producing deliverables in-house, data visibility, efficient fulfillment processes, internal and external customer service tools, and tailored facilities to manage all physical product inventory and distribution needs. All inventory and orders are received and processed through our proprietary I-PIK WMS. Individualized serial number are verified and package barcode and shipping labels are created from the same system to provide 100% accuracy in kitting and real-time visibility to stakeholders.


    • Significant delays and defects due to outsourcing of printing and kitting
    • Maintaining accuracy of inventory management warehousing of 400 skus and 15,000,000 print items with unique barcodes
    • Meeting compressed timelines
    • Complex fulfillment process
    • Speed of fulfillment for international orders


    • Workflow re-design to enable just in time printing and kitting
    • Utilization of proprietary I-PiK WMS for inventory controls and kitting
    • Product bundling to minimize packaging and shipping costs
    • Real-time access to inventory and fulfillment data
    • Same day shipping


    • 1 million items fulfilled monthly with 100% accuracy
    • Decrease in freight costs
    • Reduced production timeline by 40%
    • Volume capacity adjustments
    • Value-based changes to processes on a holistic basis
    • Accuracy in inventory management