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    IPAK ensures timely remote monitoring of patients

    The ability to monitor certain aspects of a patient’s health from their own home has become an increasingly popular telehealth option. Remote patient monitoring lets providers manage acute and chronic conditions and reduces costly hospital admissions. IPAK structurally designed and manufactured a cost effective package and created a workflow to ensure same day shipments to patients discharged from the hospital. Kits included a personalized letter, blood pressure cuffs, tablet, scale, thermometer and pulse oximeter. As a result of IPAK’s data privacy policy built on HIPAA compliance, coupled with an FDA registered facility, the Hospital System was provided the assurance that all regulatory requirements would be met including FEFO lot control and expiration date controls. IPAK accesses PHI (Personal Health Information) securely, so that packages can include personalized inserts with instructions when necessary.


    • Order and inventory management accuracy
    • Adherence to stringent medical quality and PHI regulations
    • Determining the appropriate packaging for fragile medical devices
    • Accuracy of personalized communications and HIPAA compliance
    • Speed to market


    • FEFO lot control and expiration date management
    • FDA registered fulfillment facility and HIPAA privacy compliance
    • Structurally designed packaging
    • Email notification for tracking shipments
    • Workflow optimization
    • Same day shipping


    • Reduced re-admissions
    • Monitoring available within 48 hours of discharge
    • Cost effective packaging
    • Zero damages in shipping
    • Bundled materials for shipments to reduce freight costs