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    IPAK provides platform to support pharmaceutical company’s growth

    A specialty pharmaceutical company with one commercialized brand has been utilizing IPAK as a print provider for 5 years. In 2018, with multiple launches on the horizon, they turned to IPAK to manage all their print production, inventory and order fulfillment. IPAK customized its web based storefront with inventory management functionality to successfully produce and fulfill on-demand HCP, payer and patient marketing collateral.  Weekly status meetings with internal and external stakeholders, including their AORs, allowed for collaborative planning for launches, continuity of communications and a lower cost of ownership.


    • Order and inventory management accuracy
    • Lack of customization to meet business objectives
    • Limited traceability and data reporting
    • Backorders due to multiple print vendors
    • Solving for obsolescence


    • Customized proprietary I-PiK platform for orders with various business rules and access levels
    • Real-time visibility and email notification for tracking shipments
    • Alerts for low level inventory
    • Business intelligence reports for planning
    • On-demand print
    • Weekly account meetings
    • Coordinated tactic development with AORs and brand teams


    • Product supply continuity
    • Same-day order fulfillment and shipping
    • Real-time data and reporting to meet stakeholder regulatory requirements
    • Reduced obsolescence by 30%
    • Bundled materials and consolidated shipments to reduce freight costs