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    The IPAK team has a proven track record of working with assessment providers and top brands in education. Our precision, attention to detail, and ability to adapt our operations, facilities and technology to best fit the unique needs of this industry has made us a strategic partner to the world’s largest publishers and assessment providers. From in-classroom learning kits to high stakes secure assessments administered internationally, IPAK’s zero defect assurance has resulted in above six sigma quality marks from its customers.

    Over 50 million products are assembled, verified, kitted and distributed annually. This includes direct mail for institutes of higher education, to globally administered college entrance exams. Whether it’s printing large format assessments, procuring promotional materials, or handling your company’s ready-made products, IPAK has the experience and understanding necessary to provide a competitive edge to organizations in the educational market.

    Products include:

    • Teaching manipulatives
    • Classroom aids
    • Adoption kits
    • Alternative assessments
    • Large print tests
    • Pincode access cards
    • Collateral print
    • Promotional products
    • Point of sale displays
    • Manipulatives
    • Digital media
    • Student access kits
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    Services include:

    • Structural design
    • Barcode verified bundling
    • Secure outbound distribution
    • Secure inbound distribution
    • Document scanning
    • Secure destruction
    • Kitting and assembly
    • Inventory management
    • Storefront solutions
    • Supply chain management
    • Web-to-print
    • Matched mailings