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    IPAK has a deep understanding of the automotive industry’s packaging and fulfillment needs, making us an invaluable partner in this highly regulated supply chain. Our expertise extends beyond structurally designing and manufacturing packaging for fragile automotive parts; it also encompasses literature displays, signage for dealerships, and brand loyalty mailers. We have played a crucial role in supporting the automotive industry by providing comprehensive solutions.

    Leading domestic and international car companies have placed their trust in IPAK to safeguard their critical car components, educate consumers, and enhance dealer promotions. We recognize the unique challenges and stringent requirements of the automotive sector, and our solutions are tailored to meet these specific demands.

    Our commitment to innovation is exemplified by our patented dispersion technology. Leveraging this cutting-edge advancement, we have manufactured over 250,000 custom-shaped auto part cushions. These cushions are designed to provide optimal protection during transportation and storage, ensuring the integrity of the components throughout the supply chain.

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    Services include:

    • Structural design
    • Kitting and assembly
    • Inventory management
    • Storefront solutions
    • Supply chain management
    • Web-to-print
    • Matched mailings

    Products include:

    • Loyalty kits
    • Signage
    • Protective custom packaging
    • Print collateral
    • Point-of-sale displays
    • Promotional products